Privacy Policy


  1. 1.個人情報の定義


  2. 2.個人情報を収集する目的


    • サービスに関する連絡および通知
    • 当クリニックからの情報提供(広告を含む)
    • お客様のご意見やご感想の回答のお願い
  3. 3.個人情報の利用・提供


  4. 4.外部委託


  5. 5.個人情報の管理


  6. 6.cookie(クッキー)の使用について

    当クリニックは、お客様によりよいサービスを提供するため、cookie (クッキー)を使用することがありますが、これにより個人を特定できる情報の収集を行えるものではなく、お客様のプライバシーを侵害することはございません。また、cookie (クッキー)の受け入れを希望されない場合は、ブラウザの設定で変更することができます。
    ※cookie (クッキー)とは、サーバーコンピュータからお客様のブラウザに送信され、お客様が使用しているコンピュータのハードディスクに蓄積される情報です。

  7. 7.SSLの使用について

    個人情報の入力時には、セキュリティ確保のため、これらの情報が傍受、妨害または改ざんされることを防ぐ目的でSSL(Secure Sockets Layer)技術を使用しております。

Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Definition of Personal Information

    Personal information is information that could identify an individual including name, birthdate, address, telephone number and email address. Further, personal information is that which, when combined together, could identify an individual.

  2. 2. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information.

    The purpose of 247 Ladies Clinic Omotesando collecting personal information is as follows:

    • Communications and notifications regarding services
    • Providing Clinic information(including advertisements)
    • Requests for patient opinions and suggestions.
  3. 3. Use and Availability of Personal Information

    Personal information will be used solely for the purposes stated above. Further, as a fundamental principle, personal information will not be shared with third-parties without the consent of the patient.
    Please contact us via email if you would like your information disclosed, amended, or deleted. We will respond with the paperwork necessary to disclose, amend, or delete the information. Please note that 247 Ladies Clinic will not be able to fulfill your request if we are not able to verify your identity, or doing so would interfere with the Clinic’s duties.

  4. 4. Outsourcing

    There will be circumstances where processing personal information will be outsourced. When doing so, we will select the outsourcing contractor by their ability to protect personal information, which will be enforced by a nondisclosure agreement.

  5. 5. Management of Personal Information

    We maintain continuing and diligent technological and organizational safety measures to prevent the unauthorized access to personal information as well as the loss, destruction, falsification and dissemination thereof.

  6. 6. Cookie

    Our website contains pages that use a form of technology known as “cookies.” Cookies are used to send data to the user’s software for Internet surfing (browser) and refers to its content, making it easier for the user to use the website the next time they visit it. However, cookies are not intended to be used to acquire the personal information of the user. The user may disable cookies by reconfiguring the browser to stop accepting cookies.

  7. 7. SSL

    Our website incorporates the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), an encryption technology, so that users can enter data such as personal information in a secure manner. The SSL sends out the information entered by the user after the information is encrypted.